Eightth Anniversary and New Factory Celebrations
Author:Zhang jianhong   Date:2017-3-18 23:24:05   Visits:

      September 10, 2012, Guangdong Huatou Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. was established in the eighth anniversary of the new plant and moved to the celebration ceremony in Zhaoqing Dawang high-tech industrial development zone factory was held. Provincial Propaganda Department Director, Municipal United Front Department Director, Deputy Director of the High-tech Zone Management Committee, Guangzhou, Fuzhou, Fuzhou Chamber of Commerce and the industry leaders attended the celebration of the day.

      Celebrations activities in the afternoon 17:10 officially began, city, district leaders, Guangzhou, Fujian Fuzhou Chamber of Commerce, chairman of the company have addressed. One of the high-tech zone management committee, deputy director of Health, said in his speech, my district will further optimize the investment and development environment to help support the development of metal materials industry in the leading enterprises, industrial parks and enterprises were Lei. Mr. Weng Wenhua, chairman of the company said that after eight years, the company from scratch, from small to large, along the way, experienced all kinds of vividly, behind the success of the community can not do without the support of the development to the present Of the scale, although the enterprise grows, but we can not be satisfied with the status quo, the only way to achieve the established goals, to achieve newer, higher leap.

      Subsequently, the two lion dance Qi came to power, and by the chairman of Weng Wenhua, deputy director of the United States held a finishing ceremony, in the festive drums, have completed the finishing touch and ribbon cutting ceremony, thus, Guangdong Huatu Building Materials Industry Co., Ltd. was established Eighth anniversary and moved to the new plant celebration officially declared a successful conclusion.

      Although the end of the event, but we can not be satisfied with the status quo, stagnant, because we are clear, business growth, but also means that the burden on our shoulders is also heavy, the future, the way to adhere to the progress of learning, innovation In the more than in the development of competition in the collaborative win-win situation, with integrity and responsibility, homeopathy, in order to achieve the update, higher leap.