On-the-spot Report of the 2018 Spring Festival Gala by WHOLETOPS
Author:Marketing Department   Date:2020-11-11 15:07:56   Visits:

Gathering Momentum for Breakthrough ? 2nd Take-off!

WHOLETOPS unite as one and set off again! On January 26, 2019, WHOLETOPS's New Year's Gala “Gathering Momentum for Breakthrough ? 2nd Take-off” was ceremoniously held at Jinying Restaurant, Zhaoqing High-tech Zone. In 2018, thanks to the strong support of friends from all walks of life and the hard work of all employees, WHOLETOPS over-fulfilled the task targets set at the beginning of the year.This achievement has not come easily. Tonight, WHOLETOPS people who are united and hard-working gather together to enjoy the happiness and glory belonging to everyone. 



The rapid development of WHOLETOPS for several consecutive years has almost become a “Standard Configuration” for the company, which is closely related to the correct leadership of the company's management. Tonight's anniversary celebration was kicked off with a speech by the General Manager, whose summary and outlook were extremely resonated enlightened. The speech by the General Manager sounded the signal of the second take-off of WHOLETOPS.


The hosts appeared, and the combination of pretty women and handsome men had always been a  

beautiful scenery line of WHOLETOPS!


  The members of the Strategy Committee made a grand appearance. The development engine of the WHOLETOPS has reached ten cores.They lead one party respectively and work closely together to provide continuous impetus for the advancing WHOLETOPS.


The opening dance “May All Go Well with You!” gave everyone good wishes.


 The cross-border singing star sang “If This Is Not Love” with deep feeling and caught countless fans in an instant. 


  Have you ever remembered the classic opusculum “A Journey to the West” which brought a great fun on the anniversary celebration three years ago? A a classic reservation program for WHOLETOP, the second season of “A Journey to the West” launched tonight, which proved that the talent echelon construction of WHOLETOPS has made great achievements, and the fruit of talent had been inherited from generation to generation.


The following dance series performed a fiery youth atmosphere with made everyone exerted. 


Anita Mui's performance of “Woman Flowers” quickly set off the whole audience, with the same beauty, the same gentleness and the same name. . . . 


WHOLETOPS has always attached great importance to innovation, and the program innovation on the anniversary celebration is no less impressive. The live painting and calligraphy skills performed by Master Zheng of the quality inspection department are amazing, and even the General Manager applauded for him. 


The continuous development of the company has attracted a large number of young people with new thinking and new energy. The modern dance performed by new employees in Guangzhou center has released flying youth and vitality.


 The game part interspersed with the performance part of the program made the audience laugh, and the confrontation between the host and the participants also made people cannot help laughing. 


In the following program, the innovative combination of martial arts and dance is refreshing, and the spirited flying kick perfectly demonstrates the beauty of masculinity. 


A piece of “Chengdu” music sounded, the whole audience was silent, and everyone was totally immersed in the beautiful melody and the singer's affectionate singing.


Martial arts performance set off a new climax of the evening party, which was vigorous, coherent and pleasing to the eye.


The wonderful programs are too many to see, but it is also indispensable for everyone to enjoy the lottery. 



Since the development of WHOLETOPS, a stable backbone team has played an important role. Employees who have worked in WHOLETOPS for 3 years, 5 years and more than 8 years are everywhere. They can be regarded as pillars of WHOLETOPS. The company will not forget their contributions. Loyalty Award, Full Loyal Award and Rich Accumulation Award are recognition and reward for them.


Finally, the chairman of the Board of Directors presented awards for the award-winning programs, in recognition of the employees who put in their hard work and sweat for the party. 



This was a glorious moment for all the participants. All the participants will never forget the happy gathering this evening, and will bear in mind the heavy responsibility of taking off again. The curtain of the 2018 Spring Festival Gala slowly falls down. The expectation left behind is the greater and further achievement of WHOLETOPS in the next year, is the progress and growth expected by all WHOLETOPS people. In the future, here we come!