Wall System

▼ WHOLETOPS Metal facade system includes: aluminum single plate, aluminum honeycomb plate, copper honeycomb plate, titanium zinc honeycomb plate, metal composite insulation plate, corrugated plate system, etc. Metal curtain wall occupies a dominant position in the current wall materials of public buildings. Lightweight materials reduce the building load and provide a good choice for high-rise buildings.


Excellent waterproof, anti-fouling and anti-corrosion performance, ensuring lasting and long-term renovation of the exterior surface of the building;


▼ Convenience of processing, transportation, installation and construction to provide strong support for its wide use;


The diversity of colors and the ability to combine them into different shapes expand the architect's design space.


▼ High performance-price ratio, easy maintenance and long service life have satisfied the requirements of the owner.


Therefore, WHOLETOPS metal facade is very popular as an architectural decoration form with great impact.