Roofing System

▼ Taking advantage of the unique texture and good machining performance of metal materials, the metal materials are formed through process design to meet the objective requirements of roof/wall integrity, aesthetics, waterproofness, etc. The formed roof/wall is metal roof/wall.


▼ Under specific premise conditions, the systematic approach to the functional requirements of the building itself through system design is called metal roof/wall system. Such as heat preservation, dust prevention, etc.


Advantages of Metal Roof/Wall Systems:


◆ Energy saving/Environmental protection - Conform to building trend requirements.


◆ Recyclable - Meet the requirements of comprehensive control of construction cost.


◆ Realized long-span installation - Meet the requirements of building scale.


◆ Realized the embodiment of modeling - Meet the design requirements of the times.


◆ Structural waterproofing - Meet building waterproofing requirements (rigid waterproofing).


◆ Color diversity - Meet design DIY requirements.

◆ Convenient Production and installation  - Meet the construction period requirements.


◆ Diversity of hierarchy changes - Meet the requirements of building codes.