▼ The Synthesis of System Solutions

Through 13 years of development, with the knowledge deposited and accumulated on WHOLETOPS's products, WHOLETOPS is able to provide packaged solutions for R&D, design, production, installation and maintenance of architectural decorative metal plate products. And WHOLETOPS has become one of the few enterprises in the industry integrated "Research, Production and Marketing".

▼ New Concept of Product Division

With the upgrading of the industrial field, it is no longer appropriate to rigidly adhere to the old-fashioned division of traditional products. Wall system, ceiling system and roofing system have become the first of its kind for WHOLETOPS to create a new classification of industrial products. A more scientific and reasonable classification is helpful to provide customers with targeted and more comprehensive decorative material solutions. Cooperation is not limited to product supply.

▼ Innovative Design

Innovation is the long-term development strategy of WHOLETOPS. At a time when the product homogeneity is serious, WHOLETOPS has innovated and developed products that have been applied to project centers, and its excellent decorative effect and novel design language have become new landmarks everywhere.

The solution